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How do you hook up a timing light

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Whether man or woman, it is always good to read the instructions first, no matter what you are doing. You can use the picture here as an example, but hook up your timing light as instructed by your manual. Most all timing lights have three clips on them and these instructions will discuss those types. How to Use a Timing Light Make sure the auto engine is off and the key is removed from the ignition.
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How to Hook Up a Timing Light

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How to Use a Timing Light | It Still Runs

A timing light is a stroboscope used to dynamically set the ignition timing of an Otto cycle or similar internal combustion engine equipped with a distributor. Modern electronically controlled passenger vehicle engines require use of a scan tool to display ignition timing. The timing light is connected to the ignition circuit and used to illuminate the timing marks on the engine's crankshaft pulley or flywheel , with the engine running. The apparent position of the marks, frozen by the stroboscopic effect , indicates the current timing of the spark in relation to piston position. A reference pointer is attached to the flywheel housing or other fixed point, and an engraved scale gives the offset between the spark time and the top dead centre position of the piston in the cylinder. The distributor can be rotated slightly until the reference pointer aligns with the specified point on the timing scale. Fuel-injected engines, or engines with microprocessor controls may require special procedures to allow basic spark timing to be observed without control effects from the engine computer.
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How to Use a Timing Light to Set Ignition Timing

Timing lights are a diagnostic tool used on cars without computer-controlled ignition to help the mechanic find the correct setting for ignition timing. Proper timing on a car improves fuel mileage, engine longevity and performance. The device resembles a gun with a flat front and three wires hanging from it. These are connected to the battery and spark plug wire prior to use. Hook up a timing light properly to set accurate timing, avoid arcing of electricity and prevent engine damage.
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Why you should contribute. Quick links. Introduce yourself and your ride. Since I posted this Scott Novak pointed out that you have to point the arrow on the inductive pickup towards number 1 spark plug. I use the ALT to make my connections rather than the battery, because the leads are too short.

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