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What does it mean to have vivid dreams

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People with narcolepsy often report having vivid, bizarre, or disturbing dreams. These dreams can seem very life-like and hard to distinguish from reality. Vivid dreams in narcolepsy may be related to differences in rapid eye movement REM sleep. Having narcolepsy, a person can enter REM sleep at sleep onset shortly after falling asleep, making it possible to dream vividly even during a brief nap. Frequent nighttime awakenings are also common in people with narcolepsy, and if the person wakes up during or right after REM sleep, they are more likely to remember dreaming.
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7 Possible Reasons Why You’re Having Whacked Out Dreams

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Vivid Dream Causes: Why They Happen and How to Stop Them

Verified by Psychology Today. The Athlete's Way. In the first century B. Recently, a team of researchers has proven, for the first time, why REM theta brain wave sleep is believed to be a keystone of memory consolidation in all mammals, including humans. Within the rapid eye movement cycle, your eyes move in bursts occupying about one-third of REM sleep. And that will eventually startle us back to the truth of who we are. For over a decade, sleep researchers have hypothesized that REM sleep is correlated with memory consolidation.
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Causes of vivid dreams

We've all been jolted awake by crazy-intense dreams that leave a permanent mark on our soul. Whether they're ones we look back on fondly like when your high school crush proposed to you or nightmares that trigger a gag reflex basically, every naked-in-public dream , some are impossible to shake off. But what makes some nights more whacked out than others? Here are eight possible culprits:. Rosenberg, doctor of osteopathic medicine, board-certified sleep medicine specialist, and author of Sleep Soundly Every Night, Feel Fantastic Every Day.
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Is there anything more disorienting that waking up from a very vivid dream? In my case, such dreams tend to be rooted in anxiety — visions of being chased, or of not being able to go where I want to go, or of having my teeth spontaneously fall out Those are the WORST. Why are some dreams more vivid than others? Why are some memorable, when others disappear instantly?

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